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Tuesday, May 31

Steam Driven

Laptop Jams at the British Engineerium (great word and will try to use it in conversation from now on) in Brighton was a one off performace on Saturday 28th May 2005. What a fantastic combination. The movement and rythmic noise of the steam engine coupled with the ambient sounds generated by the Laptop Jams boys was a hypnotic and all enveloping experience. There was a factual commentary overlaid and this made it a time traversing experience - a 20th and 21st Century event. Why is it that someone elses enthusiasm and love of a subject is so infectious? Who cares? It works for me and made the evening feel far too short. I could've stood in that room for much longer listening to the sounds and watching the engine.
The projected visuals above the engine were less successful and in my opinion not really necessary. Looking at the engine was visual experience enough for me, an engineering novice.
The engine was apparently used to power the laptops although I suspect that they had a little help from the national grid.
Events like this don't happen that often (or I don't hear about them) and when they do come along they should be prized and savoured.


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